GuineaPig under LCG

Bash script to send one GuineaPig++ onto the Grid

Before doing anything on the Grid be sure you have a valid proxy …


To send Job onto the Grid you must give some Grid parameters:

  • your virtual organisation (VO), ilc by default
  • the LCG_CATALOG_TYPE, defined as lfc if you are under ilc vo
  • the LFC_HOST, defined as if you are under ilc vo
  • YOU MUST HAVE A VALID FOLDER ON A STORAGE ELEMENT (SE), there will be no default
    value !!!

    you can create a folder on a SE like this:

    lfc-mkdir /grid/ilc/TOTO

Ask the Grid User Support @ your lab. if you don’t know the anwser …

Download the configuration file

(or wget

also available here:

Change the file access control list: chmod +x

Execute it on your User (grid) Interface (UI): ./ .

It will create a file with all the configuration variables you gave.

Now you can submit a GuineaPig++ job onto the grid, 3 arguments is needed:

With the acc.dat from above try like this:

./ acc.dat ILC LC-GENERAL

Here a typical echo from a LAL User Interface:

lx3/dadoun % ./ acc.dat ILC LC-GENERAL

Selected Virtual Organisation name (from --vo option): ilc
Connecting to host, port 7772
Logging to host, port 9002

================================ edg-job-submit Success =====================================
 The job has been successfully submitted to the Network Server.
 Use edg-job-status command to check job current status. Your job identifier (edg_jobId) is:


 The edg_jobId has been saved in the following file:

The GUID (Globally Unique Identifier, here
is save in the file out in your current directory

To have the status of your job:

lx3/dadoun % edg-job-status


Status info for the Job :
Current Status:     Done (Success)
Exit code:          0
Status Reason:      Job terminated successfully
reached on:         Tue Nov 28 11:58:53 2006

Check your job is ok :

Current Status: Done (Success) Exit code: 0

Check the gp_tarball.tar.gz is on your SE folder:

lfc-ls lfn:YOUR_SE_FOLDER

To copy it locally:

lcg-lg –vo YOUR_VO lfn:YOUR_SE_FOLDER

it return the GUID

lcg-cp –vo YOUR_VO GUID file:`pwd`/gp_tarball.tar.gz

and tar xvfz gp_tarball.tar.gz …

That’s all !

Go the LAL GuineaPig page

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